Friday, 12 January 2018

Back at it..

Sunday was a beautiful blue sky day and so seemed like the perfect day to head for a run.. They are digging up the road outside my house so I headed to the track. I should point out it hasn't stopped raining here since so glad I ran when I did.
I started with a steady 400m then 5 x 200m 10 x 100m finished once more with a 400m. Looked for a steady consistent pace which I found but the 100m winded me completely.. As anyone who has read this blog or knows me, I'm not a sprinter. I did push myself so there was a lot of heavy breathing between runs.. Gave myself short rest..
The final 400m was OK but I started to fast and tired quickly the finish was not pretty. Thankfully it was a blue sky day so that helped with my recovery.

Looking forward to getting out running again..

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

New Year new starts

It's been a while.. Where does time go? It doesn't seem that long ago since the Tralee 10K but it is. Having met up with the girls in September with great plans to run/walk regularly, Life got in the way and although I CrossFit regularly my running has become sporadic. We talked about the 10 mile run in Tralee in February but it's not being held this year so I'm aiming for the Run Killarney Half marathon this Summer.
It seems a bit away but my aim is to enjoy the experience of getting to the start line as well as the run itself..
The howling wind and rain outside doesn't fill me with a desire to put on my runners and head out but nevertheless I have to get a plan together..
I promise to keep you updated with a follow through on my first run of 2018 this year..
It will be this weekend 👌

Thursday, 7 September 2017

AUGUST RUNNING Rose of Tralee 10K

Summer running...
Even though my runs have been few and far between, I found myself lining up at the start line of the Rose of Tralee 10K this past August. It was a new route which meant new views which is always nice and there was only one bit of a climb no hills..
Having collected my number with Bernie and my mum who were both entered as well the weather took a turn for the worse. I sat in the car wondering would I even start the run as the rain that fell was torrential and rivers of water formed in the pavements and road. But thankfully the rain eased up and we had nothing but a light shower during the run.
I tried to keep a steady pace moving forward at all times. The first mile or two were OK but when I came to the canal part it really took a toll, it just stretches out in front of you and is a right headwreck. Even though the scenery around it is pretty,  you are passing Blennerville Windmill and heading towards the bay. There were two groups in front of me and I just used them to get me through this stretch, keeping up with them and not leaving them run out of my sight. But, as I passed into the fourth mile my pace became unsteady I used the run/walk method but I could feel a lack of longer runs in my legs. It was around this stage that the groups pushed on and although I tried I couldn't keep up.
The last mile was hard because my bladder began to make demands but knowing that I wasn't too far from the finish line I kept going.
As I hit the six mile mark I just went for the finish thankfully the many 200m runs done in CrossFit stood me good and I crossed the line smiling and running.
Now it was nowhere near the best time I've done for a 10K but considering that I hadn't done too many runs I was happy just to get finished. I wasn't feeling too bad bar the now usual niggle in my left shin, I think some more runs will help this because it never lasts more than a day or two.
I have to say It felt good to get out RUNNING AGAIN...

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Running to a stand still...

I am not a sprinter as any one who has previously read this blog can attest to I would describe my running spirit animal as more turtle than hare..where is this going I hear you saying I'm wondering too. 
I've run half marathons and 10ks always at my steady comfortable pace. So when I run I never push myself to feel that  'I can't catch my breath' pace.  By this I'm not talking about Usain Bolts speed it's more that I don't like that breathless feeling that's by no means life threatening or health damaging, merely uncomfortable to me.. And why would I want to? On an occasion that I'm anyway near it I pull back, why because I hate that feeling when my chest starts to rattle, (no one to blame but myself.. Years of smoking). But in order in order to improve my running I know I'll have to get uncomfortable...
I got off the couch to run at 40 started CrossFit at 43 so I'm continuing to improve and getting stronger. 
The longest run I have ran of late is about 4 miles. My plan over the next few months is to push myself a little and conquer the smaller distances a bit easier than I do now. This like everything is easier to say than do... Wish me luck 🍀

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fitter than last year CrossFitopen 2017

It's great to be able enjoy Thursdays once more and get a full nights sleep. During the five weeks of the CrossFit open,  sleep on a Thursday night was a bit hit and miss. I am no longer having nightmares which consistently starred Dave Castro announcing workouts which filled me with dread (well at least till next year)..  The CrossFit open just flew by this year each workout although individually horrible provided a good overall test of my fitness..

17.1 when it was announced made me nauseous. Dumbell snatches and burpee box jump overs the reps went 10/15 20/15 30/15 40/15 50/15 a 20 min cap.. The dumbell snatches wouldn't be the problem but the bloody burpees. I started off steady enough but the burpees caught me. When I began I was hoping to get to the 50 dumbell snatches but as I was doing it I knew I could finish it. Frustratingly,  I thought I pushed as hard as I could but on reflection I probably didn't and finished 5 short at the time cap. 

The support from my fellow crossfitters was fab.. Hearing your name every now and again cheering you forward, is an amazing part of CrossFit and the support comes into its own during the open. I need someone urging me to push on when all I want to do is lie on the floor, my fellow crossfitters have helped me get to the end on more than one occasion

17.2 I unfortunately couldn't finish still working on my pull ups.  I finished the rounds of dumbell walking lunges, knee raises and dumbell cleans as quickly as I could. Then after doing one more 50ft dumbell walking lunge,  I spent the remaining time trying and trying to put my chin over the bar but to no avail...

17.3 was the jumping pull ups and squat snatches as with the previous two I wasn't jumping for joy at the prospect, does anyone???  It was a short one for me I was two reps short of getting onto the next round... But I was happy as I set a  new 5 rm in squat snatch for me 55lbs/25kg..

17.4 was the retest of 16.4 this was the workout which going to really let me know if I was Fitter than last year. Last year I finished 44 calories into the row which I was happy with at the time but This year I finished 20 reps into the pushups.  I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY... Woohoo!!!  FITTER THAN LAST YEAR..
We did the workout on St Patrick's day and it was such a blast. Green was the main colour clothes, hats, hairs, faces (especially after we had finished 17.4)...In fact there is a cool video of the day up on the Belieffit/Crossfit Killarney Facebook page you can see us in all our glory... The workout as anyone who has done it knows is just plain horrible and on more than one occasion during it I thought I'd get sick; it is 55 deadllifts, 55 wallballs, 55 Cals on rower,  55 hand release pushups 13 mins AMRAP. The rower really took my breath away at first but I got it back.  My legs were like lead getting off the rower. This really is a stomach churning workout.. 

17.5 It was a painful little couplet 9Thrusters and 30 singles 10 Rounds.  Simple and effective. Who likes thrusters?? Not me..  The time cap was 40 mins.  I was definitely hoping for under 20 mins and personally under 15 min. I took Eric's advise on board I kept it steady with the thrusters. The worst round for the thrusters were 6/7 I was over half way done but still too far away to see the finish. After each round of the thrusters what little coordination I had seemed to go out the window, I tripped on the rope too many times. I was so happy when I finished I was just under 13 min. I was thrilled!  If I could have jumped for joy I would have but I had to make my way to the bathroom, skipping is not friendly on my bladder...

And so the 2017 Crossfit open is over, finished, done for another year. After all the lack of sleep, worry, muscle ache, new movements it was a good one. The workouts were testing, horrible and fun.  The announcements are always fun to watch as always my favourite part is #rovsboz, they always leave it on the floor . It was great to see Ro win one, you can't beat the support of a home crowd, #teamro.  This year we had a few visitors dropping into complete their open workout throughout the five weeks,  the most epic of which was on 17.5 when Tony Keogh battled Doubleunders to do it RX and finish just under the timecap.. #dedicated #motivation
Yes,  I know what I must work on for the year ahead. Will I enjoy it? For the most part Hell NO!! But no one likes to be bottom of the class so will I do it, YES because I want to improve on my fitness this year..  

As the next step to CrossFit season, I'm also looking forward to  heading to Madrid to watch the Meridian regionals where the best in our region will go head to head....

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Trying to get back into a running routine hasn't been easy,  the not so good runs have outweighed the good ones.  Cold weather is not great for a bad chest and bloody shin pain,  these are just part of most runs at the moment,  so I am just readjusting.
Each Monday I run, I find I am consistently inconsistent in my pace and distance...There is also a lengthening of the day so soon I'll be back to running in the park.  I can't wait there is nothing worse than stopping and starting for traffic lights. I'm woman with little worries.. Thankfully.
I've been putting in some runs at the local track with John I'm improving until I have to lift weight after....
As I usually run on my own its great to get a run in with John,  it's a good to have that pace setter. We got out for a nice 3 miler during the week, it was a beautiful blue sky day.  It was the kind of run you feel refreshed after... I wish they could all be like that.
The next few weeks will be consumed with the Crossfit Open. Each Friday for the next 5 weeks, will deliver a new workout to test my fitness. My hope is that I am fitter than last year..

Friday, 27 January 2017

Old Running Shoes

We all have the saying 'Time flies' and as you get older it seems to move quickly than ever, its four years ago this month that I set out on changing my life. Now it hasn't been all smooth sailing I'm not super fit, fast or slim but I'm healthier, faster and stronger than I could have ever imagined.
I was feeling a bit sentimental today amazingly it wasn't  until 2013 that I bought my first pair of running shoes. I even went to the sports shop and got fitted. I spent more on those Running shoes than I had on any pair of shoes I had previously bought. But I loved them the moment I put them on..
Since that first pair I have bought  a few more too many pairs John would say and now I buy my Reebok's for Crossfit. But I have a soft spot for my first pair. They have served me well I have run numerous miles in them. I just couldn't leave them go...They have treated my feet well and fairly. But now its really time for me to part ways with them.

I know they are only old shoes but to me they remind me of how it felt to run when I started, the first time I conquered a mile, the first injury I got, all the runs, the finish lines, the laughs, tears and everything in between,  the beautiful summers and cold winters, the people I've met and friends I've made So not just old running shoes.
What if your running shoes could talk what memories would they recall??